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Go Shopping makes its grand debut, AI technology leads the new trend of e-commerce !

Want to know the future trends of e-commerce? Come to Go Shopping, it is not only a paradise for you to shop, but also the beginning of a new shopping experience! Malaysia’s Pinduoduo platform, Go Shopping, will subvert your traditional understanding of e-commerce.

Go Shopping is the first entertainment and fun group shopping platform built with AI technology. The company has a number of self-built or strategically cooperated overseas logistics, warehousing and physical industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Go Shopping has completely changed the pain points of social e-commerce, community group buying, etc. with the new group-building method of “starting a group and getting a red envelope”. With the help of CDN Advanced technical means such as content distribution technology and AI have built a new e-commerce system and created an international, intelligent and interesting e-commerce platform.

A new way to shop, start now!

Download our APP, and you will see two major sections: one is the traditional mall shopping area, where you can directly purchase your favorite products; the other is the exciting rush-buying area, where many people can participate in the rush-buying, realizing the new concept of “starting a group and getting a red envelope” Group-building method! There are many people rushing to buy, but only one lucky person will get the super-valued product, and the other participants will also get generous participation red envelopes. 20%-30% of the product profits will be returned to participants to achieve win-win sharing!

Go Shopping is a hit in the global market. What’s the secret behind it?

First of all, we broke the constraints of traditional e-commerce and used the power of social platform communication to cover a wider user group. Secondly, we benefit users in a more humane way, reduce marketing costs and improve sales efficiency. In addition, our threshold is extremely low, you will definitely earn money if you participate, and we meet consumers’ new needs for shopping experience. The most important thing is that Go Shopping adheres to the concept of social e-commerce and builds a new shopping model to bring unprecedented fun and interactivity to users!

Go Shopping is not only a shopping platform, but also a global shared community!

We cooperate with merchants and brands around the world to continuously innovate technology, optimize user experience, and provide consumers around the world with a more convenient and better shopping experience. At present, we have established a solid business foundation in countries and regions such as Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and South America, serving more than hundreds of millions of consumers and providing services to more than 260,000 local and international sellers.

Win-win for all parties, happy shopping without limits!

The Go Shopping model uses a more humane mechanism to maximize the profits from product sales to users who participate in group shopping. This “three-party win-win” situation allows consumers to purchase their favorite products at lower prices, while also stimulating their enthusiasm for participation and desire to share. For merchants, the Go Shopping model not only reduces marketing costs, but also improves sales efficiency and achieves rapid profit growth.

In addition, the Go Shopping model also has the characteristics of extremely low threshold and guaranteed profit if you participate. Regardless of whether users win the lottery, they can receive certain rewards. This mechanism greatly improves user participation and stickiness. At the same time, the Go Shopping model also provides a variety of reward mechanisms, such as shopping funds, points, etc., which further increases users’ shopping pleasure and sense of gain.

In the future, Go Shopping will continue to adhere to the concept of “win-win for all parties and share the fun of shopping” and continue to innovate and make progress. We will continue to deepen our existing markets, expand into new business areas, and provide users with a more diversified and interesting shopping experience. At the same time, we will continue to optimize platform technology and services, improve user experience, and help global consumers enjoy shopping more easily and happily.