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Generous Gesture! Derek Cheung Announces New Year’s Giveaway of HKD 10 Million to "Spread More Love"

As the New Year approaches, many citizens are lamenting the tough economic environment of the past year. However, Derek Cheung, a well-known Hong Kong Key Opinion Leader (KOC), has acted as the God of Wealth and is distributing tens of millions of dollars in cash red envelopes online, hoping to bring good luck and joy to everyone!

Derek Cheung showcased a table full of cash on his social media platform, Instagram account “khdcheung,” with an extravagant statement: “Here are HKD 10 million. Due to the economic downturn this year, I want to spread more love to those who support me and win together. Each person will receive HKD 200 as long as you are my follower and complete the designated tasks.”

In addition to the online red envelope giveaway, Derek Cheung will also follow the tradition of previous years by going to the streets of all eighteen districts in Hong Kong to distribute red envelopes. This will bring more positive energy and love to the general public, with the hope that everyone can welcome a better year amidst this joy and blessings.

Speaking of Derek Cheung, his family is renowned in Hong Kong. His grandfather, Cheung Kong-hai, is a famous “industrial building tycoon” who founded the listed company, Cheung Kong Property Holdings, with the family’s total assets exceeding billions. Derek Cheung himself has inherited the family’s excellent genes and demonstrated extraordinary practical spirit and business acumen. He started investing in the stock market and investment field at a young age. At the age of 16, his personal investment returns had already exceeded tens of millions.

Derek Cheung is also enthusiastic about promoting boxing matches. He has held two major events: “2023 The Cage: The Ultimate Battle” at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan and the “Cheung’s Arena We Are Champs 2023” in Hong Kong. These events have set local box office records and achieved a business value exceeding 100 million New Taiwan Dollars, collaborating with popular internet celebrities.

Besides his success in the business field, Derek Cheung also has a wide circle of friends. He enjoys sharing his daily life and interactions with celebrity friends on social media. He has close relationships with Cantopop stars Tse Bit and Hins Cheung, as well as Mario Ho, son of Stanley Ho, and is good friends with “Wanda Prince” Wang Sicong.

Simultaneously, Derek Cheung is the founder of Hong Kong’s first esports company, “HKES,” and is known as the “Hong Kong version of Wang Sicong.” In 2015, Derek Cheung recognized the potential of the esports market in Taiwan and invested NT$300 million (approximately MYR 43.9 million) to build the Taipei Esports Building, providing more employment opportunities for gaming industry professionals from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Due to his contributions to esports, he has served as a director of the Hong Kong Game Industry Association and chairman of the Hong Kong Asia Esports Expo Organizing Committee. In 2023, he was honored with the “Asia-Pacific Outstanding Medal of Honor,” truly deserving of the recognition. Hurry up and take action to grab the red envelopes on Derek Cheung’s IG account, “khdcheung”!