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Hippocrat and Saluscare Forge Strategic Business Agreement to Expand ‘HPO Token’ Use

Hippocrat services projected to serve around 1 million users per year through the Saluscare platform

Seoul, Korea – 07/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – The ‘Hippocrat DAO Foundation’, which runs a health data network based on Web 3.0 technology, revealed that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ‘Saluscare’, a company specializing in personalized precision medicine-based health management platform.

Under this agreement, both organizations will further develop Saluscare’s health checkup and prognosis management ecosystem while expanding the adoption of the ‘HPO token’ within the ecosystem.

Hippocrat is a blockchain technology-driven project aiming to ‘construct an ecosystem facilitating personalized health management through the collection and use of global health data.’ It operates under decentralized governance and an open collaboration structure.

The core value of the Hippocrat Project is to empower users to control and manage their health data and to access various healthcare services, including telemedicine, based on this data, with a focus on improving health indices by promoting user-centric use of health data.

Saluscare, a healthcare company, has forged partnerships with more than 800 medical institutions nationwide. It specializes in developing and operating a personalized health management platform based on precision medicine. This platform collects annual health checkup data from approximately 1.4 million people (as of 2023).

About 20 solution providers (healthcare service providers) are affiliated with the Saluscare health management platform. This strategic business agreement is expected to facilitate over 1 million users annually accessing Hippocrat services through the Saluscare platform. HPO tokens used in the Hippocrat ecosystem are listed on UPbit, Korea’s №1 exchange.

“It will help users leverage their own examination data and promote the adoption of data-driven healthcare services,” Saluscare said. “We intend to introduce HPO tokens as a necessary commodity to access integrated solutions.”

“Through this collaboration with Saluscare, which has secured the largest repository of health checkup data in the country, we’ve broadened the application of HPO tokens and created a meaningful scenario where each user maintains sovereignty over their personal health data,” a Hippocrat official explained.

“As we have secured an unprecedented scale of utility token usage globally in the Web 3.0 healthcare field, we are committed to enhancing practical health management methods for users,” the official further emphasized.

“This MOU will significantly improve user and solution provider convenience within the Saluscare platform. Through the collaboration with Hippocrat, we aim to accelerate our growth as a personalized healthcare platform company,” an official from Saluscare expressed.

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